Wind and Fire Jewelry, the Art of Eco-Sustainable Jewelry, is a brand that has its roots in Social, Economic and Environmental responsibility.


Wind & Fire Jewelry is a concept that brings Art, Life and Individuality Expression to Eco-Sustainable Jewelry. The Jewelry is made right here in the USA of recycled brass, with either an Antique Gold or Antiqued Silver finish. With many distinctive, highly detailed and recognizable icons, every design symbolizes a facet of the wearer’s persona, and inner spirit. Our mantra - Wind and Fire, the Art of Eco-Sustainable Jewelry, is a brand that has its roots in Social, Economic and Environmental responsibility.

We believe in being proud of our nation and supporting its economy by designing and manufacturing this line of jewelry right here in the USA. We are using recycled products to help support our environmental responsibility. We believe in giving back and supporting our society by donating a portion of the profits to Non-For-Profit Charities that support children with disabilities among others. 

Wind and Fire Jewelry enables the wearer of it to express their love for Life, Nation and their Surroundings. The prism signifies how the oneness of clear light can create infinite possibilities. The hope is that our brand helps to raise the awareness of Eco-Sustainability. We all need to be Socially, Economically and Environmentally responsible to make a difference. Become something bigger than yourself. 


Our CEO and CFO Frank Fiasconaro founded this company over 30 years ago in the backroom of a small gift shop in Pearl River NY. C.G.Creations is a major force in the US market for the design, manufacture and wholesale distribution of Fine Jewelry.
As the decades have passed and the style and times have changed so has C.G.Creations. We are proud of our lines of jewelry that are always changing and evolving to capture the current fashions and trends of the day. We travel all over the county and world to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Our new brand, Wind and Fire Jewelry is very near and dear to our hearts. Wind and Fire shares it roots with our beloved state of Rhode Island. Even though Rhode Island is such a small state it had become our nations domestic jewelry manufacturing hub. With the economic downfall and the strengthening of overseas manufacturing, the Rhode Island jewelry industry has taken a crippling hit. We are proud to be part of the effort to breathe life back into the US Jewelry industry.

Our environmental responsibility is through the use of recycled and reclaimed materials to help save the earth. Our hope is to that as Wind and Fire brand grows, so does the environmental awareness of the wearer.

Our social responsibility is to help support charities that support children with disabilities among other charities. C.G.Creations’ Heart and Soul is inspired by the owners’ 15 year old little boy with Cerebral Palsy. Being directly involved with the special needs population has taught us too many things to innumerate. Just because you cannot walk and you cannot talk, does not mean you can’t express yourself teach others and make a difference in this life. 

We look forward to creating new charms everyday, as individual as the wearer, for years of love and adornment.